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Singular They Them Their:
The Legal Future of Notarial Language

November 24th, 2023 :::

Article By: Zara Shea

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In the realm of notarial services, embracing diversity and understanding the complexities of gender identities is paramount. 🌍 As professionals committed to impartiality and respect, notaries must be equipped with the knowledge and sensitivity to serve all individuals, including those with gender non-binary identities. 🏳️‍🌈

The Importance of Correct Pronoun Usage
In our interactions, the use of 'they/them/their' pronouns for non-binary individuals is not just a matter of respect, but a reflection of societal progress. 🌟

Misconceptions about singular 'they' often stem from a lack of understanding. It's important to recognize that language evolves and so does our perception of identity. 📚

As notaries, using correct pronouns isn't just courteous; it's a testament to our commitment to accuracy and respect in all legal documentation. ✍️

The Science Behind Gender Identity
Recent studies, such as the 2023 research from Frontiers in Sociology, reveal the neurobiological aspects of gender identity, emphasizing its complexity beyond the binary. 🧠 This research sheds light on the genetic and biological underpinnings of being gender non-binary, challenging outdated notions and fostering a deeper understanding. 🧬

Addressing the Challenges Faced by Non-Binary Individuals
Statistics reveal alarming rates of mental health issues and victimization among gender non-binary individuals, particularly those of color. 📈

Reports indicate that one in four Black transgender and non-binary young people have attempted suicide in the past year, a stark reminder of the societal challenges they face. 🚨

As notaries, recognizing these hardships is crucial in providing empathetic and informed services. ❤️‍🩹

Our Role as Notaries
We must view our role as notaries beyond mere document verification. It's about creating an environment of inclusivity and respect. 🤝

Learning to approach and interact with gender non-binary clients with understanding is not just professional; it's humane. 🌈

Continuous education on gender diversity is key to being better allies and professionals. 📚

Validity of Singular 'They/Them/Their'
In response to the notion that the singular use of 'they/them/their' is grammatically incorrect, it's important to note the affirmation of its validity by authoritative linguistic sources. 📖 The American Dialect Society, Washington Post's style guide, Merriam-Webster, and the Oxford English Dictionary (as discussed on The Web of Language) all recognize the singular 'they' as both historically and currently valid. This linguistic evolution is crucial for acknowledging and respecting those outside the binary gender framework. 🌐

The journey towards inclusivity is ongoing. As notaries, let's pledge to be at the forefront of this change, fostering an environment where every individual feels seen, respected, and valued. 🌟 Let's not just witness signatures; let's witness the evolution of our society towards greater acceptance and understanding. 🌐

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XOXO, Zara Shea

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